a / an
about / on
about to do /
on the verge of /
on the point of
above / over
according to
across / over
act / action
ago / since / for
all / all of
all / every
all / whole
almost / nearly
aloud / loudly
also / too / as well / as well as
A.M. / P.M.
among / between
any / no
around / about
as / like
as it is / as it was /
as it were



1. 食奄拭辞澗 析雌持醗拭辞 弦戚 紫遂鞠澗 鉦嬢級幻 硝焼左切
  CD compact disc
  ASAP as soon as possible
  ATM automated teller machine
  PIN personal identification number
  AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  CEO chief executive officer
  DB data base
  MB megabyte
  GB gigabyte
  GHz gigahertz
  WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
  Dr. doctor
  HDTV high definition television
  ID identification
  IQ intelligence quotient
  Jr. junior
  .com dot commercial
  .net dot network provider
  .org dot nonprofit organization
  URL Uniform Resource Locator
  PW password
  L.A. Los Angeles
  LPG liquefied petroleum gas
  LNG liquefied natural gas
  LPGA Ladies Professional Golf Association
  PGA Professional Golfers' Association
  NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  NGO nongovernmental organization
  PC personal computer
  PDA personal digital assistant
  SUV sport utility vehicle
  TFT thin film transistor
  LCD liquid crystal display
  UFO unidentified flying object
  VIP very important person
  Mr. Mister
  MVP most valuable player
  yuppie young urban professional
  scuba self-contained underwater breathing apparatus
  WWW World Wide Web
  http hypertext transfer protocol
  HTML hypertext markup language
  ESL English as a Second Language
  gym gymnasium
  math mathematics
  IOU I owe you
  IT information technology
  Prof. Professor
  Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy
  M.B.A. Master of Business Administration
  pp. pages
  P.S. postscript
  RAM random access memory
  TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language
  TOEIC Test of English for International Communication
  VCR video cassette recorder
There is
an ATM next to
the grocery store.
This is an 80GB hard disk drive.
My own URL is koxok.com
This is an SUV.
Will you take
an IOU? I can pay you next week.
My computer has 256 megabytes of RAM.
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