a / an
about / on
about to do /
on the verge of /
on the point of
above / over
according to
across / over
act / action
ago / since / for
all / all of
all / every
all / whole
almost / nearly
aloud / loudly
also / too / as well / as well as
A.M. / P.M.
among / between
any / no
around / about
as / like
as it is / as it was /
as it were
  be able to do
A. able은 능동태 문장에서  to 부정사 앞에 오며 일반적인 능력으로 ...할 수 있다를 의미한다.
1. John is able to run fast.
2. John was able to read music after just a few lessons.
3. Will you be able to come next week?
4. I wasn't able to hear the speaker.
5. John is expected to be able to play again next weekend.
6. After the surgery, he was able to walk again.
7. A cat is able to see in the dark.
8. She is able to take care of herself.
9. He is now able to earn a living.
10. In a few days, the baby will be able to walk.
11. In 1944, we were able to return to Hawaii.
12. He still isn't able to make a living from acting.
B. be able to do to 부정사 구문은 수동태로는 사용되지 않는다.
X John is able to be seen.
John is able
to run
In a few days,
the baby will
be able to walk
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