a / an
about / on
about to do /
on the verge of /
on the point of
above / over
according to
across / over
act / action
ago / since / for
all / all of
all / every
all / whole
almost / nearly
aloud / loudly
also / too / as well / as well as
A.M. / P.M.
among / between
any / no
around / about
as / like
as it is / as it was /
as it were
  almost / nearly
A. almost nearly는 의미의 차이는 거의 없지만 almost nearly 보다는 조금 더 가까운을 의미한다.
1. I've almost finished.
2. I've nearly finished.
B. nearly는 부정어와 함께 쓰이지 않는다. 대신에 hardly ever/anybody같은 식으로 사용한다.
1. We hardly ever see you anymore.
2. Hardly anybody came to the meeting.
3. We have hardly any money left
C. almost 부정어와 함께 쓰일 수 있다.
1. It almost never rains here.
2. There was almost nothing left.
3. There is almost no water in this bottle.
I've almost finished.
We have hardly any money left.
It almost never rains here.
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