a / an
about / on
about to do /
on the verge of /
on the point of
above / over
according to
across / over
act / action
ago / since / for
all / all of
all / every
all / whole
almost / nearly
aloud / loudly
also / too / as well / as well as
A.M. / P.M.
among / between
any / no
around / about
as / like
as it is / as it was /
as it were
  as / like
A. 전치사로 사용되면서 유사성을 표현 하고자 할 때는 like를 사용하며 ...같은, ...처럼 이라는 의미로 사용되며 like 이하는 진짜가 아니다.
1. You look like your sister.
2. He ran like the wind.
3. She's dressed just like me.
4. It's like a dream.
5. The girl is like her mother.
6. You two are behaving like children.
7. Ken looks like his brother.
8. This candy tastes like peppermint.
B. 전치사로 사용되며 기능을 표현하고자 할 때는 as를 사용하며 ...로서 라는 의미로 as 이하는 진짜로 그 역할을 한다.
1. He worked as a waiter for two years.
2. Please don't use your plate as an ashtray.
3. The parachute acts as a brake.
4. You'd be great as a teacher.
5. He works as a sales assistant right now.
6. In the past, women were mainly employed as secretaries or teachers.
7. John used an old blanket as a tent.
You look
your sister.
He worked as a waiter
for two years.
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