daily / once a day / every day
day / date
deadly / deathly
defective / deficient
definite / definitive
delusion / illusion
denote / connote
deprecate / depreciate
dessert / desert
die / dead
disinterested / uninterested
dress / get dressed / be dressed in /
put on / wear
drive-through / drive-in
during / for
A. data는 본래 datum의 복수형이지만 information 이란 의미로 주어로 사용될 경우엔 단수동사를 요구한다.
1. The data is available on the Internet.
2. All the data shows that these animals are more adaptable than we thought.
3. Computers process data to create information.
4. The data was still being processed at the Census Office.
5. This data is doubtful.
6. He does not have adequate data.
B. data facts라는 의미로 사용될 경우에는 복수로 간주된다.
1. The data are hard to discover.
2. These data are listed in tables.
3. Names, ages, grades, and other data about the class are written in the teacher's notebook.
4. The study collected data from 9,998 patients.
5. Scientists gather data, then study them for their meaning.
The data is available
on the Internet.
These data are listed in tables.
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