daily / once a day / every day
day / date
deadly / deathly
defective / deficient
definite / definitive
delusion / illusion
denote / connote
deprecate / depreciate
dessert / desert
die / dead
disinterested / uninterested
dress / get dressed / be dressed in /
put on / wear
drive-through / drive-in
during / for
  deadly / deathly
A. deadly 죽음 또는 지독한 고통을 가져다 주는 단어로 치명적인, 너무나 충격적인 이란 의미로 사용된다.
1. deadly weapons
2. deadly poison
3. Some mushrooms are deadly.
4. Hemlock is one of nature's oldest and most deadly poisons.
5. The cobra is a deadly snake.
6. His deadly remark about her work made her want to quit her job.
B. deathly 죽음을 생각나게 해주는 단어로 죽음 같은, 죽은 것 같은, 쥐 죽은 듯 이란 의미로 사용되며 죽도록, 극도로, 지독하게 라는 의미로 또한 확장된다.
1. deathly silence
2. deathly pallor
3. a deathly stillness
4. He was in intensive care, lying deathly still.
5. Rachel felt deathly cold.
6. Mom's deathly afraid of flying.
Some mushrooms
are deadly.
a deathly stillness
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