keep away /
keep back /
keep off / keep out
kill / murder / massacre
kind / considerate / generous
kind of / sort of /
rather / fairly
kindle / ignite
know / know of
  kind of / sort of / rather / fairly
A. kind of 좀, 조금 의 뜻으로 사용되는 비 형식적인 글이다.
1. The room was kind of dark.
2. I was feeling kind of shy.
3. "Are you tired?" " Kind of."
4. I am kind of tired; let's go home.
5. The restaurant is kind of expensive.
6. It's kind of dark in here.
7. It's kind of cold here.
8. I'm kind of disappointed Grandma didn't come.
B. sort of kind of 와 마찬가지로 사용된다.
1. His grammar is good, but his intonation is strange, so he's sort of difficult to understand.
2. I was sort of hungry, so I ate a banana.
3. In spite of her faults I sort of like her.
4. I'm sort of busy right now.
5. The book was sort of interesting, wasn't it?
6. It's sort of a condensed one-day version of the course.
C. rather kind of sort of 보다는 조금 더 정도가 강한 것을 의미한다.
1. It's rather cool this morning.
2. The weather is rather hot today.
3. After working so long she was rather tired.
4. Aren't you driving rather fast?
5.  He's rather good at baseball.
6. I rather liked that show.
7. It was a rather disappointing season for Giants.
D. fairly적당히 어느 정도를 의미하며 rather정도의 의미이다.
1. I got up fairly early, so I had time to eat a good breakfast.
2. He should arrive here fairly soon.
3. I was up fairly late last night.
4. We played fairly well.

It's kind of dark here.

I was sort of hungry, so I ate a banana.
The weather is rather hot today.
We played fairly well.
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