keep away /
keep back /
keep off / keep out
kill / murder / massacre
kind / considerate / generous
kind of / sort of /
rather / fairly
kindle / ignite
know / know of
  kindle / ignite
A. kindle은 타동사로 나무 같은 것에 불을 붙이다 또는 지피다 라는 의미이고, 자동사로는 불 붙다 라는 의미이다.
1. I used a match to kindle the wood.
2. He tried to kindle the charcoal  in the barbecue grill.
3. He used paper to kindle a fire in the stove.
4. This damp wood will never kindle.
5. The logs kindled quickly.
B. ignite는 타동사로 쉽게 불붙는 것에 불을 붙이다 즉 점화시키다 또는 발화시키다 라는 의미이고 자동사로는 발화되다 또는 점화되다 라는 의미이다.
1. Sparks ignited the dry grass, and the fire spread quickly.
2. A spark from the campfire ignited the dry grass.
3. He ignited the wood with a match.
4. The glowing cigarette ignited the dry leaves.
5. They ignited the bonfire.
6. Gasoline ignites easily.
7. Dry paper ignites quickly.
I used a match
to kindle the wood.
They ignited
the bonfire.
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