said / same
say / tell
second / third
see / watch / look
shade / shadow
shade / blind
shake / rattle / wobble / vibrate
silly / stupid / dumb / ridiculous
size / big
slightly, a little / seriously, deeply / badly, very
smell / odor / stink / aroma / scent / fragrance / perfume
so far / by far
some / some of
sound / noise
speak / say
stranger /
strange person
  shade / shadow
A. shade 그늘, 응달, 그늘진 곳을 의미한다.
1. It was cooler in the shade of the tree.
2. I always stay in the shade when it's very hot.
3. There is no shade anywhere in this garden.
4. Let's find a table in the shade.
5. They were sitting in the shade of an old oak tree.
6. The sun is so hot; let's move into the shade under the tree.
B. shadow는 기본의미가 그림자를 의미한다.
1. The tree's shadow spread across the lawn.
2. I could see my shadow on the ground.
3. As we walked along, our shadows lengthened with the setting sun.
4. The apple tree cast a shadow across the front lawn.
5. The houses made long shadows in the late afternoon.
It is cooler in the shade of the tree.
I could see
my shadow
on the ground.
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