zealous / jealous
zero / zero in on
zip / unzip
ZIP code / area code
zone / region / district
zone as / zone for /
zone off
zoom in / zoom out
  zip / unzip
A. zip 지퍼를 잠그다 라는 의미이다.
1. He zipped his bag.
2. "I'm coming" she said, zipping up her coat.
3. He zipped (up) his jacket.
4. The zipper won't zip.
5. The jacket won't zip up.
6. Could you zip my dress?
7. We were all zipped inside our sleeping bags.
8. She was wearing a top that zipped at the neck.
B. unzip 지퍼를 열다 라는 의미이다.
1. The zipper won't unzip.
2. She had trouble unzipping the dress.
3. She unzipped her purse.
이러한 단어의 의미로부터 큰 컴퓨터 파일을 압축시키다 라는 의미로 to zip을 사용하고, 이 압축된 파일을 열어서 풀다 라는 의미로 to unzip을 컴퓨터 통신 관련된 부문에서 사용한다.
1. I'll zip the document and send it to you by e-mail.
2. You have to unzip the file before using it.
The zipper
won't zip.
She had trouble unzipping
the dress.
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